Femern Business Park.

Femern Business Park

Femern Business Park is established by the leaders behind the three local companies BM steel, EuroWorkers and Lidsø Gods. At an early stage, they saw the opportunities in the fact that a locally based business network would be much stronger when planning the tasks offered in connection with the Fehmarn-Belt construction. Do you wish to hear about the opportunities for your company?

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Who is Femern Business Park?

We are now an active and exclusive network consisting of a wide range of business types.

Among other things, we can provide office spaces, storage facilities, residences for all needs, stable substitutes in most industries, experienced welders, cars, tools, security guards, cleaning, materials and just about everything else that is needed for the construction.

We can provide office spaces and warehouse or storage facilities with a unique location, near the construction area, east of Rødbyhavn, in between production facilities, highways, railways, harbour- and ferry-connections.

Vi work targeted for our members through:

  • An active and constructive dialogue with key persons from the Femern A/S, the prequalified consorts, Business Lolland-Falster, Lolland Kommune, Femern Belt Development etc. In that way we get both knowledge and contacts.
  • To be up to date with the lates news regarding the Fehmarn Belt construction.
  • To disseminate knowledge and contacts to the network.
  • Actively make the network visible and recommend the companies in the network to external contacts.
  • To encourage the network’s companies to cooperate and participate in relevant alliances to be stronger.

Beneath here is a list of all the members in Femern Business Park. See also our brochure with more information regarding the companies and Femern Business Park.

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